Ghosts Moving Things Around With a Freemason Ghost Story


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This week is on Ghosts Moving Things and a Freemason Ghost Story —

Daniel’s been obsessed with this idea for many years.  Can there be any science behind something so ghostly?  Yes, if you believe in everything being the same energy.  So why can’t we move things with our minds?  And a freemason ghost story from the Scottish Rite where they just messed with him and a guard.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Ghosts Moving Things Around With a Freemason Ghost Story)

One of Daniel’s obsessions finally shows up on the Podcast.  How do ghosts move things around?  We know it’s true.  Too many stories and experiences have occurred to show this is possible.  Rarely in front of people.  Has been caught on camera, but with CGI.. would anyone believe it. 

So, what about the science.  Listen to Daniel justify this through the idea of energy.  What makes a haunted house… why theaters are different and more haunted.  Yes, this gives more validity to the idea ghosts are an energy-phenomenon.  Now try and prove they can move things.

You’ll hear the wheels turning in Daniel’s head on this one.  Trying to rationalize how spirit can affect the material.  He was even surprised by the outcome. 

But all of this thinking leads to the payoff… a freemason ghost story.  From the Scottish Rite in Hamilton.  Close to Halloween (when all the best ghost stories happen).  Objects moved into the path of multiple groups touring the Cathedral and House that night.  Inside a very sacred room.  In a place where it can’t be ignored.

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