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This week is a Ghost Story Podcast on Haunted Hotels —

Daniel talks about the haunted accommodation industry.  Staying at a haunted place is so exciting!  Covering the types of places and what makes them so haunted.  Such as the infamous Cecil Hotel in LA. 

All leading to a story from his own freaky experience.  When a ghost invaded his dreams.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Staying at a Haunted Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts)

Daniel talks about the Haunted Accommodations Industry.  The excitement of staying in haunted hotels and bed and breakfast houses.  First proving his point for a quick Google search, “haunted places to stay”.  Gotta start with the Canadian content.  The Ottawa Jail topping the list.  Only the Stanley Hotel (inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining) stood out on the American list.

Then talking about why haunted hotels and accommodations are so exciting.  It’s all about getting that story.  When friends ask, “How was your trip?”  It’s not just the Jerk Chicken restaurant, but, “I stayed in the room that Stephen King wrote The Shining!”  Braved the ghosts.  And forever, when that place is mentioned anywhere, you’ll have these memories.  Of course The Cecil Hotel in LA comes up.

All leading up to Daniel’s own experience in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.  A historic B&B.  A very creepy experience (his fault) where the ghosts of the house made themselves known in the craziest way (again, Daniel’s fault). 

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