A Haunted Prisons Episode featuring a Don Jail Ghost Story


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This week is a combo based on haunted prisons (dark history and ghost story) from West Virginia Pen and Toronto’s Don Jail – –

“A Haunted Prisons Episode” because it won’t be the only one.  My goodness.  So much dark history… so many ghost stories inside historic prisons.  Starting with a dark story from West Virginia Pen, an American haunt with horror movie like history.  Daniel talks about his visit to this place, along with using hopelessness to create ghosts.  All ending with a ghost story out of Toronto’s Don Jail.

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A Haunted Prisons Episode featuring a Don Jail Ghost Story
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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (A Haunted Prisons Episode featuring a Don Jail Ghost Story)

This won’t be the only one.  Haunted prisons and asylums are common in the world of paranormal occurrence.  So much dark history leads to strong ghosts.  And it’s all about that dark history with the first story.  The tragic death of RD Wall inside West Virginia Pen, a place with history reading like a horror movie script.  Why RD haunts that basement.

Then Daniel dives into the idea of the haunted prison and asylum. Point-of-view… why they’re so much stronger.  Getting into natural death vs being surprised.  Disturbed minds (of some) locked against their will inside a hopeless place.  New levels of violence.

The meaning of residual.  Are the ghosts in prisons residual?  And the thought of how elements play into the absorption of energy.  Wood in historic houses, but does stone hold this too?  Please message Daniel if you know more (ggdaniel( at )ghostwalks.com).

All leading up the main ghost story!  An experience inside Toronto’s Infamous Don Jail in 2005 (yes, still a prison then!)  A place so terrible, inmates were given extra credit on sentences if they had to spend time inside those walls. 

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