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Are you hearing voices?  It could be ghosts!  The phenomenon of hearing the voices of spirits in an experience.  More common than you think, as proven by the story of a young lady being shammed for pimple-popping.  And the story of former Ghost Guide Tresa, how voices led to her creepy experience at the Hermitage Ruins.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Hearing Voices… in a Ghostly Way featuring the Hermitage Ruins)

Are you hearing voices?  It may be ghosts!  Proven through many personal ghost stories.  How the spirit’s communicate with the living when no divination tools are present. 

Starts with the story of a young woman living with her sister and friends inside of a haunted house.  Experiencing getting frames by the ghost in a moving object phenomenon. Then later shamed by a voice for a natural human act.  Her sister’s reason… “The ghost doesn’t like you being here.” 

Why voices?  Daniel dives into it.  How ghosts are energy, non-material.  Unable to manipulate the material in a human way.  So, they need to utilize low energy to create occurrences on our level.  One low energy method… voice.  The manipulation of already existing energy used for communication.

Daniel proves this with a story from a Burlington, Ontario cemetery.  His ex-wife hearing his voice clearly from behind a tree.  However, he was standing almost 5 city block distance away.  Manipulated, existing energy to reach out.

And finally, the story of former Ghost Guide Tresa and her experience at the Hermitage Ruins in Ancaster.  Legendarily haunted place.  It all started with a bad feeling, and men’s voices from the woods.  Escalating to a very creepy experience for the entire group.

Clips from Recent Ghost Voices Show…

The Following – Ghost Story inside a Haunted House. Reaching out with shaming words.

GG Tresa’s experience at the haunted Hermitage Ruins. Voices from the woods are just the beginning.

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