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This week is on History Saved by Ghosts with Mansfield Reformatory —

Daniel discusses the phenomenon of ghosts saving historic buildings.  Getting in the value of opening an abandoned building.  The beautiful energy of real history.  Then using a prime example, Mansfield Reformatory, aka the Shawshank Prison.  With 2 of his favorite ghost stories.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (History Saved by Ghosts featuring Mansfield Reformatory)

The phenomenon of ghost stories saving historic buildings.  It’s one thing to have a museum.  An old house fixed up to recreate the surroundings of the past.  It’s tearing down to fix back up for the original.  Doesn’t make sense to Daniel.  Feeling the true energy of a historic places is part of the experience.  The true connection made between us today, and the long-dead families of old.

This natural energy is lost in museums.  But not in “abandoned” structures like West Virginia Pen or Mansfield Reformatory.  From a historic point-of-view, the experience of being in a space like this.  Untouched by modern hands.   Completely the same as when the historic figures walked the halls or sat trapped in their rooms and cells.

Not even to mention the ghost stories!  Daniel loves this real connection to history.  The question then remains… how do you get the norm-ies in?!?  This is where ghosts come in.

Yes, investigating these behemoths of haunted buildings is spectacular!  So spooky and such fun.  But that’s not going to get schools to visit during field trips.  Or get regular folks just coming from a lovely Victorian house.  The ghost stories normalize this. 

Daniel loves it.  How ghost stories are so popular with the general public today.  It’ll get them through the doors of these haunted places.  For ghost stories such as… tease!  You got to listen to hear Daniel’s 2 fav tales from Mansfield.

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