What it’s Like being in a Haunted House featuring the Billotti Story


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This week on living in a haunted house. 2 Ghost Stories. The first a hopeful story and the second, a worst-case-scenario – –

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First story are the ghostly experiences of a little girl who’d grow up to be a spooky novel author.  What motivated her is obvious.  With a couple of experiences from our social media channels.  And how normal it can be to have a calm ghost in your home.  All ending with the story of the Billotti family.  Was it Voodoo that caused the haunting which chased them from their home?  For this story, there’s an actual answer!

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What it’s Like being in a Haunted House featuring the Billotti Story
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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Ghost Hunting Ghost Stories featuring inside the Custom House’s Attic)

Starting with the ghostly experiences of a little girl who grew up to write spooky novels.  How being desensitized to ghosts as a kid toughens you to future challenges (ghost and otherwise).  Erica Wright took her experiences and made the most of them.  Using it to push her creativity, to create characters and worlds that eventually became her books.

Then Daniel talks about the good and bad of living in a haunted house.  The differences between a nice spirit vs restless energy. 

Nice spirits can be accepted.  Become part of the family to be talked about.  Stories told with pride, “… I live with a ghost… it’s cool, I know”.  This is ideal.  Experiencing the odd occurrence.  Nothing over-the-top.  Or if you’re scared, the spirit just fading into the background of the house.

Restless energies are much different.  Three areas of note… things moving around to confuse you.  Negative energy in certain areas of the home.  And worst, physical interaction.  Things moving around, usually unseen seems simple.  But why’d the spirit do it, if not to confuse or be mischievous.  Negative energy can affect the family without you knowing it.  And the worst of all is being hit or scratched.  Or pushed while on the stairs (something must be done).

And finally, the ghost story of the Bilotti Family.  A home once on Hamilton Mountain, where in the 70’s a family was chased out of their home.  The experiences which led to this moment, and the aftermath.  When realizing this ghost story isn’t about the family, but instead the house.

Clips from Recent Show…

Erica Wright childhood ghost experiences. Leading to her being a ghost story author.

The Bilotti Family in Hamilton. Chased from their home by ghosts. The reason, a curse… Voodoo.

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