Skeptics become Believers with a Niagara on the Lake Ghost Story


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This week on skeptics becoming believers. Featuring 3 main Ghost Stories – –

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The less you believe, the harder the truth.  This episode presents times skeptics became believers in ghosts.  Now, don’t think it a gossip-y bash sessh… because it’s important to have some skepticism.  Daniel balances the skeptic ghost stories, with the reason why questioning your experiences is so important.  Featuring his own story from when leading a Ghost Walks group in Niagara on the Lake.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Skeptics become Believers featuring a Niagara on the Lake Ghost Story)

This episode presents times skeptics became believers in ghosts.  Starting with a story presented by Rachel Lyon.  Her experience on an island working at historic (and haunted) hotel.  Being chased from the beach by something and the creepy knives afterwards.  Her interactions with the veteran staff, and their indifference to the ghost stories adding validity.

Then Daniel presents his reasoning for avoiding the extremes.  Never to be too skeptical (closed down) or too much a believer too.  Believing too much makes anything slightly strange into a ghostly experience.  Then when shared, and easily shot down, only makes it harder to get folks to believe.

So, it’s good to be a bit skeptical. Enough to ask the question, “Is there anything natural or normal about this experience?”  Ask that to turn your mind on the possibility that there’s something you missed.  Because our minds will block out anything that contradicts it, unless you force it to look.  He uses an orb photo experience as example.

All leading to the Niagara-on-the-Lake ghost story, related to the Victorian House (aka, house that makes cameras go crazy).  And 2 experiences, the last one happening to a strict skeptic.

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Niagara-on-the-Lake Ghost Story featuring the house that makes cameras go crazy.

Daniel Talks about why being a bit skeptical is a good thing. Making real powerful ghost stories.

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