They’re Never Really Gone


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They're Never Really Gone

Special Spiritual Talk. Going off script a bit. Talking from the heart. The subject is loss from a spiritual point-of-view. Proving “they’re never really gone”.

Is it really so final?

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Show Synopsis

The power of allowing feelings to pass. Speeding up the healing process after losing a loved one. You’ll end up with a feeling of peace eventually.

I don’t believe it’s insensitive to say, our loved ones don’t want us to suffer needlessly. You can honor without losing yourself in depression.

Is it really so final? I don’t think so. In the episode, I talk through some laser-focused beliefs on the role of energy in our reality. It can’t go away. Means loss isn’t forever.

There’s a beauty to the idea of travelling through lives with the same energies who form our loved ones. It feels so true! I hope it’s true.

Finally getting into a powerful technique. The energy signature of people. Breaking down moments with them to their feelings. Simply, the ability to visit with them even after they’re gone.

All this has helped me. I hope you find value in it.

Next week I come back with the ghosts!

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