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This week is a Ghost Story Podcast on the Haunted City of Hamilton —

A show dedicated to my own home, and very haunted, city.  The draw of the paranormal.  The difference from all other city’s and town’s in Canada. And Daniel talks about a “once” town, now part of Hamilton, that has the darkest history in the country.  Featuring the area’s resident ghost, the tragic story of Jane Riley.

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Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis (Why Hamilton is so Haunted)

Hamilton’s known history makes you think it’s lackluster.  Hard to understand why a place is listed on any paranormal investigator’s “Must Visit City”.  Kingston, Toronto, Niagara on the Lake… yes please!  But Hamilton?

This Week’s Episode is dedicated to that misconception.  Starting with the feel created by a unique history.  This blue-collared, and tough, city that has an edge.  Drawing criminal enterprises that rival no other, especially how Hamilton was a Mob City! 

You could compare it to Chicago in the United States.  A town known for it’s interesting criminals.  You’ve heard of Al Capone.  Hamilton had Southern Ontario’s King of the Bootleggers, Rocco Perri.  Then the mafia families that formed later.  For geography yes (centrally located to Toronto and the border), but maybe because of the connection to history.

And speaking of that history… The city’s hidden and deep history is connected to the original Loyalist towns that founded Upper Canada (now Ontario). 

  • Ancaster
  • Dundas
  • Stoney Creek
  • Barton (now the main city)
  • And of course Albion Mills. 

Loyalists given free land during the American Revolution.

George Hamilton took and ran with what is now the city named after him.  It’s that deeper history that increases the ghostly energy.  Daniel could’ve gone with ghost stories out of Hamilton landmarks, such as Dundurn Castle or Whitehern Mansion.  That’s for a future podcast.

For this episode, he’ll stay with the history.  The story of Canada’s Darkest (and now defunct) town, Albion Mills.  What set it apart.  And ending the tragic story of the area’s resident ghost, Jane Riley.

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