Ruthven is our rare tour inside a haunted mansion and featuring two graveyards at night.

First step inside the Thompson mansion.  With stories of the playful little resident ghost and feelings of dread from old tradition.  It’s once home to a famous actor and his ghost.

Then step out to where a town once stood for true darkness.  You’ll walk into the town and family cemeteries.  Featuring fear of death, a founder’s revenge and possession.

The scariest (aka best) way to experience this unique place!




Ruthven Park

243 Haldimand Hwy. #54 MAP
Cayuga, Ontario, Canada

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Adults . . . . . . . $15.04
Kids 13 & under . . . . $12.39

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FAQ & Interesting Info

Why we are different from other Tours?

A focus on masterful storytelling at a reasonable price (with no hidden fees!).  First, we’ve put special attention into respecting the ghost story.  Also, with a dedication to traditional styles mixed with natural (and interesting) odd history.  This is our specialty since 2003.

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Why are dates and times missing when booking?

When a date or time slot is missing in the Booking… If a missing time, that tour time is sold out.  A missing date, means the entire night is sold out.

Ruthven Ghost Story | Moving Statue

Shauna and her friend visited Ruthven one night.  Walking about the grounds.  Down the path, towards the front of the Thompson House in Cayuga, Ontario, Canada.

She Wants to Leave

Nervous to be there, the friend kept pulling at Shauna’s shirt.  “Let’s just go okay, it’s not worth it.”

Then they saw a shadow in the distance.  The friend yelled, “Shauna, it’s a guard, let’s go!”

But Shauna pulling her forward.  Getting closer to see… it was only the statue

Ruthven Park Statue from Shauna Experience
Mistaken Bravery

Laughing at her friend, Shauna throw her arm around it.  “Come on, take our picture.  Me and my new, braver friend.”

Movement from the corner of her eye.  Shauna turned to look at the statue, and she told us, “… the statue turned and looked at me.”

She runs.  Into the field as fast as her legs went.  Stopping to catch her breath.  Then remembering her friend!  

Turns to call out, Shauna jumps.  Here friend is right beside her.  

The reason… she also saw the statue move.  

Best Experienced in Person

How can stone move?  Is didn’t.  The ghostly reason and all this while at the statue under the shadow of the Thompson Mansion.

Should I book in advance?

Yes.  We are limited on space for tours.  Advance bookings allows us to guarantee spots for you, and book in additional guides if needed.