Ruthven of Cayuga

Rare walk-through a haunted mansion and visits to graveyards at night!

Step inside the old Thompson mansion for playful little Bessie on the stairs, dread in the parlour and the ghost of a famous actor.

The Canadian ghost town features their fear of death while in a graveyard, founder’s revenge, disturbing energy at the family plot, and what happens during a night visit.

Tour is rare and we’re the only way to experience this unique historic place at night.  Parking and Admission into the mansion included with ticket.



Facing to the Grand River & why Indiana existed

Main Parlour

Location of many family gatherings, happy and tragic


The town graveyard at night to take lore, superstition and why we fear cemeteries

Ruthven Park

243 Haldimand Hwy. #54
Cayuga, Ontario


Adults . . . . . . . $15.04
Kids 13 & under . . . . $8.85
Seniors 60 & over . $11.50
+ HST Tax

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  • Friday May 24 2019
    • Tours at 740p / 820p / 900p
  • Friday July 5 2019
    • Tours at 740p / 820p / 900p
  • Friday August 9 2019
    • Tours at 740p / 820p / 900p
  • Friday October 18 2019
    • Tours at 700p / 740p / 820p / 900p / 940p / 1020p

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FAQ & About Ruthven

Tour is approximately 90 minutes

If you have a group of 8 or more people, we may be able to provide a discount (depending on night and time of year). To find out, Make Contact with us and mention the number of people and desired date for your group.

Indiana, Ontario (now Ruthven) is a ghost town unlike those with wooden structures along dusty roads, men with cowboy hats walking about on plank sidewalks. Canada’s ghost town is different.

. . .

Little Bessie – –

During a historical tour a young girl wasn’t listening.  They all listened to the guide, parents and daughter, as they went through the mansion.  Amazing stories of how the Thompson’s lived and what they experienced.  Then arriving at the grand staircase, the tour guide noticed the little girl focusing on the stairs.

She ignored it, continued on with the stories and forgot…


If a time is missing from the Book Now form, it means that tour time is fully booked and unavailable.  If the date is missing, it means the entire Ghost Walk is sold out.

Daniel of the Ghost Walks

I'm a paranormal enthusiast since founding Haunted Hamilton back in 1999. Started with Hamilton's Bellevue Mansion (2000) and been hooked ever since. Left HH in 2012 to focus on my passion, the Ghost Walks. I love telling the stories of witnesses, and from the past, with the goal of proving ghosts are real.

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