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Hug the Enemy and Famous Skeleton Lost in Hamilton

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Another spiritual segment! This time Daniel shares one of the most powerful techniques a person can have. Useful in ghost investigation to tune your ability to read the space. Feeling deeply if ghostly energy enters a room. Maybe even reading the ghost’s emotion.

Then he returns to the subject of Canada’s most famous disappearance, Ambrose Small. Was his skeleton found in Hamilton? Yes… if you believe the story from the old Tivoli Theatre in the 90’s.

Canada Podcast

Are we Ghosts and Ghost Saves History in London

Main Subject: London, Ontario, Canada – –

Daniel’s getting ‘trippy, man’! A out-there segment connecting reality to ghosts. Us standing on a watery rock in the middle of endless space, looking out from organic cameras on a strange world. “…and ghosts are where they draw the line!”

Then a ghost story… we try not to disappoint. The most famous disappearing man in Canadian history. Every one of his former theatres claimed the ghost of Ambrose Small. London, Ontario’s Grand may just have it now.  A ghost’s quick thinking saved an irreplaceable piece of theatre history.

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Events Leading to the Most Famous Disappearance in Canadian History

Ambrose Small disappearance occurred on a sunny afternoon on Tuesday December 2nd, 1919.

Almost 100 years in the future, and even with all the amazing technology, Small remains one of the most mysterious events in Canadian history.