New Format, Haunted by a Little Kid and Fear Street thoughts

This week a new format, more natural, and more spooky featuring a little resident ghost and Daniel’s thoughts on the Fear Street Movies – –

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Daniel changes the format of the podcast.  Why he’s not happy with the last episode.  Then back to the ghosts, with a little girl inside an abandoned mansion on Hamilton Mountain.  And getting personal with his detest for slasher horror movies, and why Netflix’s Fear Street is different.

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Why Auchmar had no Ghost Stories for Generations

Strange thing to say about any historic and gothic structure. Looking from outside, you’d expect this house to be teaming with ghosts. We’re not saying this!

Ghosts are hard to come by in Auchmar Mansion due to the house’s history. Here’s a break down…

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Auchmar Mansion | How it’s the Dundurn Castle of Hamilton Mountain

The lord of Auchmar was the Honourable Isaac Buchanan, who in turn had run-ins with Sir Allan MacNab (of Dundurn).

From friendly encounters in both stately homes. To competitive face offs over the love of Hamilton’s people. And one very public battle.