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Why Cute Pets & Famous Ghost Photo History

Feature Locations: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery (Near Chicago, Illinois, USA) – –

What was most likely a disrespect, turns into Podcast gold. Daniel features an Instagram question, “Why are ghosts only people and cute pets?” Sure this fellow was laughing up a storm, slapping his knee, and pointing at the computer. But joke’s on him… Daniel has an answer. Burn!

Then, one of the most famous ghost photos in world history gets a historic and ghost story breakdown. The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery just outside the City of Chicago. Who the woman might be, and her tragic story. Along with a skin-crawling ghost experience with the “Caretaker”.


Cemetery Ghost Stories featuring an Attempted Possession at Ruthven

This week is a 2 Cemetery Ghost Story show, with Bachelors Grove and Ruthven —

NEW FORMAT… now with more ghost stories!  Daniel reads many ghost stories.  An obsession he now passes to you.  Starting with a Cemetery experience from the infamous Bachelor’s Grove just outside of Chicago.  Then talking more about why cemeteries are rarely haunted.  All ending with the poor woman attacked by a ghost and dragged into the Thompson Family Plot.


Most Haunted Places in the United States | Strange News Segment

Most Haunted Places in the United States | Strange News Segment —

Two haunted city’s fighting for the top spot. An asylum and the ghost photo from a mob body dumping ground. This makes up the list!