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Bachelors Grove Cemetery | Chicago’s Graveyard with Ghosts

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Chicago is a rare, haunted hotspot.  Visited by countless ghost enthusiasts since the 1940s.  A historic area with deep roots in the settling of one of the United States largest cities.

Oh, and don’t forget the countless ghosts.  And location to one of the Top 10 most known Ghost Photos in the entire world! 

These are the stories of Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

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Why Cute Pets & Famous Ghost Photo History

Feature Locations: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery (Near Chicago, Illinois, USA) – –

What was most likely a disrespect, turns into Podcast gold. Daniel features an Instagram question, “Why are ghosts only people and cute pets?” Sure this fellow was laughing up a storm, slapping his knee, and pointing at the computer. But joke’s on him… Daniel has an answer. Burn!

Then, one of the most famous ghost photos in world history gets a historic and ghost story breakdown. The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery just outside the City of Chicago. Who the woman might be, and her tragic story. Along with a skin-crawling ghost experience with the “Caretaker”.


Cemetery Ghost Stories featuring an Attempted Possession at Ruthven

This week is a 2 Cemetery Ghost Story show, with Bachelors Grove and Ruthven —

NEW FORMAT… now with more ghost stories!  Daniel reads many ghost stories.  An obsession he now passes to you.  Starting with a Cemetery experience from the infamous Bachelor’s Grove just outside of Chicago.  Then talking more about why cemeteries are rarely haunted.  All ending with the poor woman attacked by a ghost and dragged into the Thompson Family Plot.


Most Haunted Places in the United States | Strange News Segment

Most Haunted Places in the United States | Strange News Segment —

Two haunted city’s fighting for the top spot. An asylum and the ghost photo from a mob body dumping ground. This makes up the list!