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Top 2 Hamilton Haunts and My Origins in Ouija

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We’ve made it everyone! The Top 2 Most Haunted Locations in the spooky city of Hamilton. Including a rare, active battlefield and the beautiful, haunted structure on at the harbour.

Next, featuring the dreaded divination tool, the Ouija Board. Most avoid it, but not Daniel. He respects the board as a tool. But where does that regard come from? The story of his first time with the board. A strong spirit cutting in. A simple sentence changed his beliefs forever.

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Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Hamilton

The city of Hamilton is uniquely haunted.  Because when you look at the on-the-books history, you’ll wonder… How can it be so haunted with a limited history?

Peel away that layer and realize a hidden history of loyalist settlements.  Still seen in the names of the smaller towns making up the city.  And the lost name of Barton, once the township making up the centre of Hamilton.