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Black Donnellys | Origin of the Massacre and Ghosts

Ghost Guide Daniel – – A headline from a nearby newspaper said it all about the ” Black Donnellys ” in February of 1880… “The massacre of the Donnelly family, in the township of Biddulph, by an armed mob, is a crime which has no parallel in the history of Canada”.

A crime still talked about today.  Here’s what led to that dark night.

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The Black Donnellys & Armouries Unwelcoming Ghost

Feature Locations: Lucan & Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) – –

The Black Donnelly’s massacre is considered the worst violence in British-Canadian history. At the time, there was an intense resentment brewing throughout the Town of Lucan. The family and the local community each contributed to this deep rooted anger.

Then, if you’re looking for something a little lighter and with a traditional ghost story from inside the 2nd largest Armouries in Canada. There’s a tale of an aggressive steward spirit of the museum who was not too fond of a young lady. Stories like this are common around there and it’s not surprising this happened on the inside.