Canada Podcast

Green Ghost Mississauga & Fearing Death for Believers

Feature Locations: Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) – –

Viral ghost photo from Mississauga.  A city beside Toronto, not known for its ghosts.  Then, one afternoon, a Kayaker takes a photo along the shoreline of the Credit River.  Now Daniel has to reexamine his beliefs on the modern city.  Featuring a Streetsville ghost story.

Then, Daniel goes deep again.  How everyone’s fear of death creates a line of argument for non-believers.  How fearing death connects to cemeteries and ghosts.  And, it’s possible to not fear death and still believe in ghosts!

Canada Podcast

Odd Escape (in a wig) & Mackenzie House Ghost Story

Feature Locations: Dundas (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) & Toronto – –

Toronto centric episode! Starting with the city’s most popular mayor, and one of Canada’s biggest villains, William Lyon Mackenzie. Leader of the 1837 failed Rebellion. Toronto’s first mayor. But before all that, he lived in Dundas… a rebel’s town. Rumoured to have hidden in a cave on Sydenham Hill.

Then, Daniel jumps over to his former house in Toronto. Now considered one of the most haunted places in Canada. One of many stories, from the time of a caretaker named Mr. Charles Edmunds. That time when they heard the piano playing… from the palour, in the middle of the night.


Why I don’t Believe in Aliens featuring a Small-Town Ghost Stories

This week is a special Aliens episode, but with Dundas Ghost Stories —

Skewing away from ghosts for a few minutes.  Daniel jumps into the “other paranormal”… aliens.  Disclaimer, not a scientist.  He approaches the idea from a spiritual look, mixed with a few science concepts.  Then right back to ghosts with the UFO Sighting capital of Canada, Dundas.  Featuring one of the oldest hotel buildings in Ontario.