True? Ghost Story, Why Torso in Albion & Obsession of Psychics Pays Off

Terrifying and (not) true ghost story off the Huffington Post.  As Daniel has trouble playing it out without laughing.  Main segment this week… the reason the torso of John Dick ended up near Albion Falls proves his wife facilitated the murder.  From some history on this dark region of Hamilton, to Evelyn’s awkward encounter with the police. 

Finally, Daniel horror novella is finally up on Amazon.  Learn the obsession which led to a detailed character named Lady Jade Jackson.  Here’s the link for the book…


Albion Falls Dark History | Ghost Guide Daniel Video

Albion Falls Dark History Featuring the Evelyn Dick Torso Story and Warlock’s Grave —

Albion Falls, location of the once dark town of Albion Mills. A location very easily historically the strangest place in Canada.

Ghost Guide Daniel dives into the town’s Darker History.

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Why Did Evelyn Dick dump the Torso near Albion Falls

Many ask, “Why did Evelyn Dick dump the torso in the Albion woods?”

Look deep into the story of Mrs. Dick and find that one moment which explains it all. For example, the first time police officers visited the mysterious wife of murder victim John Dick. The Torso found near Albion Falls in the 1940s.