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My Origin EVP & BC’s Most Haunted Hotel

Feature Locations: Toronto & Victoria (Ontario & BC, Canada) – –

Daniel can’t believe he hasn’t talked about this yet.  The first ghostly experience which propelled him into the world of the paranormal.  All happening in… Toronto?  Yes, not his home city, but the dreaded, Toronto.  And a Ouija Session EVP which kept him up at night.  But it’s okay… today he’d thank the ghost that led him into the world of ghost story-telling.

Then, proving there are haunted places in the province of British Columbia.  It’s most haunted hotel in the city of Victoria, The Fairmount Empress Hotel.  The dark ghost stories, including the hotel’s architect.  A crazy story of his exploits, which led to his violent murder.

Canada Podcast

Penn and Teller and Century Manor Yellers

Feature Locations: Las Vegas & Century Manor (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) – –

Remember when Daniel took a week off recently?  He was in Vegas.  Talking about the aggressive photo-ops and being harassed.  Realizing the dream of seeing Penn & Teller’s. Leading to this review.

Then, years ago Daniel heard from a group of teens who visited the grounds at the old Century Manor Asylum.  A standard investigator’s questions… “Are you there?”  The terrifying recording, and a rant!

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Ghost Voices From the Merritt House | With EVP

After the ghost hunt we ended the night.  Going through recordings over the next few days. It yielded another first for me.  The EVP!

In case you don’t know. An EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It’s ghost voices over tape.  These are recordings said to pick up details the human ear cannot.  Means the Merritt House was full of them.