Ghost Photo | Regina Rose in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Taken during the Ghost Walks of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Regina Rose in Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Gazebo. Something by her lined perfectly with the haunted Fort Niagara in the distance.

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Why I Hate Ghost Fakery | How the Skeptics Win

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Fake ghosts get to me. And it hit me while listening to the Joe Rogen Podcast.  For the first time I can remember, he had on paranormal investigators. Never heard of these fellows before listening to that show.  Their names are Sam and Colby.  Well known and followed on YouTube by millions.  They go to the most haunted places to search for ghosts.

So, why was my BS sense going off the entire time.

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Bachelors Grove Cemetery | Chicago’s Graveyard with Ghosts

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Chicago is a rare, haunted hotspot.  Visited by countless ghost enthusiasts since the 1940s.  A historic area with deep roots in the settling of one of the United States largest cities.

Oh, and don’t forget the countless ghosts.  And location to one of the Top 10 most known Ghost Photos in the entire world! 

These are the stories of Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

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Blurry Ghost Photos & Hamilton History Love

Feature Locations: Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) – –

Why are the best ghost photos so blurry? A large majority. Is it the cameras, or proof they’re not real? Or, maybe the ghost wants to be mysterious. Daniel discusses his new editorial, buffing up on modern investigative techniques.

Then, diving into some local history from the “Haunted City” of Hamilton. Daniel’s home, filled with amazing historic buildings. Some highlights… and, a couple of ghost stories.

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Ghost Photo Toronto & Blue Ghost Tunnel St. Catharines

Feature Locations: Black Creek Pioneer Village & Blue Ghost Tunnel (Toronto & St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada) – –

A visitor who has collaborated in the past with the Ghost Walks. Was at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto and took a photo of a mirror. Later, going through all his photos, he found that one image had a hand on it. Is this real?

Why is the Blue Ghost Tunnel so frightening? Find out all about it by reading on to know why many people believe that the experience of being within its walls is one of the scariest. Plus, get all up-to-date with its dark history and Daniel reads from the train disaster’s original news article, complete with gory details.

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Why Cute Pets & Famous Ghost Photo History

Feature Locations: Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery (Near Chicago, Illinois, USA) – –

What was most likely a disrespect, turns into Podcast gold. Daniel features an Instagram question, “Why are ghosts only people and cute pets?” Sure this fellow was laughing up a storm, slapping his knee, and pointing at the computer. But joke’s on him… Daniel has an answer. Burn!

Then, one of the most famous ghost photos in world history gets a historic and ghost story breakdown. The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery just outside the City of Chicago. Who the woman might be, and her tragic story. Along with a skin-crawling ghost experience with the “Caretaker”.

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Ghost Photo in Black Creek’s Burwick House

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Something strange was caught in the Burwick House, in Toronto’s Black Creek Pioneer Village. Ghost photo? Lackadaisical cleaning standards? Here’s the breakdown.

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Elmo the Elemental | A Mansfield Reformatory Ghost

Negative energy rarely has a name. Not here!  Elmo the Elemental isn’t a Mansfield Reformatory ghost once human. It’s known as an elemental. In other words, a build-up of energy appearing in photography taken by guests.

Mansfield Reformatory via the Cleveland Memory Project (Mansfield Library) | Main Building
Historic view of Reformatory

Not your normal ghost photo!