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Bunch of Little Ghost Stories & Niagara’s Pink Haunt

Feature Locations: Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada) – –

Three little Ghost Stories. Are they believable? Daniel tell the stories and breaks it down. Related to previous experiences, and how they connect. Because similar experience from many people is a great way to validate ghosts!

Then, featuring an important house in Niagara Falls history… Glenview Mansion. Today, it’s apartment units. Started out as the impressive house of two important figures in Niagara Falls’ history, John Ferguson & RP Slater. Why they’re important, and the insane legend behind the houses most known ghostly experience (it’s bloody fun!)

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Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Niagara

Ghost Guide Daniel – – With all the wineries and museums to visit, you may not have time.  However, I wanted to make it easy to visit the most haunted places in the Niagara Falls Region. Cause they don’t get deserved attention! 

From the darker side of known buildings and museums.  To a rare, haunted cemetery which shouldn’t be missed.