Horror Book intro : Godfrey

Godfrey is a new book by Ghost Guide Daniel

Summary of horror book —

Meet Clive Harper, who feels he never deserved better.  Stuck in hard times.  His marriage ending, his job feeling like a trap.  It all changes with a simple phone call… from a dead woman.  Forcing him back to his childhood hometown of Clanbrassil.  Not knowing it’ll lead to his destiny, or his death?


Little Girl at Ruthven and Daniel’s new book with a Godfrey Chapter Read

Starting at Ruthven’s Mansion, and the little girl resident ghost who made herself known even before starting the Ghost Walks.  The ghost story around a young daughter seeing Bessie Thompson on the staircase.  Leading to Daniel announcing his new book!  Godfrey, to be posted on Amazon (Kindle and Printed forms).  And a chapter read featuring a deep, and spooky, session from main character psychic Jade Jackson.