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Francis Rattenbury | An Extraordinary Murder Story

Ghost Guide Daniel – – On Sunday, March 24th in 1935, Francis Rattenbury, a respected Victoria BC architect was murdered inside his drawing room.  The floor covered with blood and debris. Thought dust collected in the blood. 

Turned out to be his skull and brain fragments from his smashed head.  And in the corner, broken false teeth.

Rattenbury was alive!  They called for help and rushed him to the hospital.  It’s there he’d die 4 days later.  This is the story of what led to his brutal murder.

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Bachelors Grove Cemetery | Chicago’s Graveyard with Ghosts

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Bachelors Grove Cemetery in Chicago is a rare, haunted hotspot.  Visited by countless ghost enthusiasts since the 1940s.  A historic area with deep roots in the settling of one of the United States largest cities.

Oh, and don’t forget the countless ghosts.  And location to one of the Top 10 most known Ghost Photos in the entire world! 

These are the stories of Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

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Black Donnellys | Origin of the Massacre and Ghosts

Ghost Guide Daniel – – A headline from a nearby newspaper said it all about the Donnelly’s in February of 1880… “The massacre of the Donnelly family, in the township of Biddulph, by an armed mob, is a crime which has no parallel in the history of Canada”.

A crime still talked about today.  Here’s what led to that dark night.

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The Most Haunted Cemetery in Canada is Drummond Hill

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Drummond Hill Cemetery in Niagara Falls has been shrouded in legends and superstitions. Dating back to the most violent battle of the War of 1812. The calm, peaceful cemeteries that many people know are different from this place. Filled with dark energy.

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Edgar Mills Ghost Story and Mansfield Reformatory

Main Subject: Mansfield Reformatory Prison (Ohio, USA) – –

The return of Edgar Mills, storyteller extraordinaire. With a personal ghost story from a woman getting a ghostly message through her daughter.

Then intent and ghost stories of Mansfield Reformatory.  Considered one of the most haunted locations in the world, definitely in the United States. 

And imagine walking into the room and finding your dog staring intently at an empty couch.  Daniel’s doesn’t need to imagine… he’s living it! 


Possession in St. Catharines & My family’s horror connection to Haldimand

Main Subject: Possession at the Merritt House (St. Catharines) – –

You’ve heard the name, now hear the legend.  “The Flying Dutchman”, a ghost ship most recently featured in the movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Then to the story of a possession, right in front of his eyes.  After one of Daniel’s first investigations.  The beautiful skepticism of seeing a psychic fight with a real possession attempt by the powerful spirit of the house.  Referenced photo found here – –

And Daniel took a drive.  His familial connection to the Haldimand region, and the connection to the small town of Cayuga (location of Ruthven and the Ghost Walks). 


Hamilton’s Pigott Building Ghost & Moving things (used) to be Secret

Main Subject: Hamilton’s Pigott Building (James Street South) – –

Back to Cambridge Post Office for a quick IG ghost story from bellamom.  Friends with a former employee of the Fiddler’s Green, a restaurant once in the building, with a bar… on the 3rd floor… Emily’s floor. 

Then, Daniel talks about the final location of the Hamilton Ghost Walks.  The city’s first skyscraper, the Pigott, and a most impressive story of it’s resident ghost.  Really!  If any ghost were to have such an origin.  It’s almost perfect.  The reason why he haunts the place, and a spooky ghost story about him.

All leading to a talk about the newest, modern form of paranormal evidence.  Around the simple security camera, and why this has changed the field forever.  With a small related ghost story.


Scandalous Cambridge Legend & the Only Good Stephen King Sequel

If the Ghost Hunts have done anything, they’ve exposed the energy surrounding the beautiful, old Cambridge Post Office.  Does deep belief in a ghost manifest the energy?  We think so.  Emily is the ghost at the old Post Office.  Wrapped up in a scandalous affair with the Postmaster. Until her body is found hanging from the rafters on the third (top) floor.  Foul play?  Maybe. Real legend?  Who knows!  Daniel talks about experiences in the Cambridge building. 

Then tries something new!  Discussing ghostly movies he really enjoyed.  Doctor Sleep isn’t clearly a sequel to The Shining, but this becomes clear with the protagonist, Danny Torrance. The adorable “Redrum” kid from the original, now all grown up, and still super psychic.  Why he likes it so much.

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Ghostly History Podcast with Ghost Guide Daniel

The Ghostly History Podcast features the most haunted places in the world. A story-formatted podcast featuring Ghost Walks, Head Ghost Guide Daniel.

Haunting stories surrounded by the darker side of history.


True? Ghost Story, Why Torso in Albion & Obsession of Psychics Pays Off

Terrifying and (not) true ghost story off the Huffington Post.  As Daniel has trouble playing it out without laughing.  Main segment this week… the reason the torso of John Dick ended up near Albion Falls proves his wife facilitated the murder.  From some history on this dark region of Hamilton, to Evelyn’s awkward encounter with the police. 

Finally, Daniel horror novella is finally up on Amazon.  Learn the obsession which led to a detailed character named Lady Jade Jackson.  Here’s the link for the book…