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Laura Secord Homestead | Queenston Heights in Niagara

Laura Secord Homestead Address – 29 Queenston Street, Queenston Heights, Ontario, Canada – MAP

This was the humble home of a famous Canadian heroine.  Her name is skewered in history because today, when we hear Laura Secord, we think only of chocolate. 

But how many know the real history?  Forced into the violence because of the town she lived in.  Leading to a major act of bravery, and one of the reasons why we’re still Canada today.

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Laura Secord & Her Haunted Homestead | Podcast

Feature Locations: Queenston Heights (Niagara), Ontario, Canada- –

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – What does Chocolate have to do with ghosts!?!  It’s all in the name. Laura Secord is a heroine of the War of 1812.  Her famous trek credited with helping to save Niagara from American domination. 

The interesting history behind it… the ghosts of her old home… and what’s up with the Chocolate?

Articles Canada Ghosts

Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Niagara

Ghost Guide Daniel – – With all the wineries and museums to visit, you may not have time.  However, I wanted to make it easy to visit the most haunted places in the Niagara Falls Region. Cause they don’t get deserved attention! 

From the darker side of known buildings and museums.  To a rare, haunted cemetery which shouldn’t be missed.