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The Massey Family Murder of Toronto | Podcast

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – Prominent Massey Family of Toronto had a black sheep!  But, no matter how much you didn’t respect Charles Massey Jr., he didn’t deserve this end.  Walking up to his house one afternoon, to be greeted by the family maid… as she pulled out a gun. 

Why the Massey were so respected.  Along with proof Charles was the black sheep, stemming from the early death of his beloved father.  And how it connects with haunted Massey Hall (yes, there’s a ghost story!)

Feature Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Spirit Saves the Wine | A Keg Mansion Ghost Story

Ghost Guide Daniel – – The following experience happened to a customer. While using the second floor woman’s washroom inside Toronto’s Keg Mansion.

It’s very confusing. Why any ghost chooses to haunt a washroom.

Articles Canada

Keg Mansion in Toronto | The Legend and Ghost of Lillian’s Maid

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Lillian was the only daughter of Hart Massey. Educated at the advanced Wesleyan Woman’s College in Hamilton (where the Royal Connaught is today). Eventually becoming Matriarch in the Keg Mansion.

She died in 1915. While living in today’s Keg Mansion house. Only 6 years after her husband. According to the Legend, the tragic death of Lillian’s Maid happened just after her death.