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Nursing Home Ghost Story

The following is strongly based upon a real ghost experience inside a nursing home. All names have been changed to protect the witnesses.

Hospitals and Nursing Home s are locations of legend in the paranormal. So many experiences, never talked about due to sensitivity to the passed. It’s rare to get a detailed story. This is one of those stories…

Canada Podcast

Nursing Home Ghost Story & Caretakers of Toronto’s Mackenzie House

Main Subject: Toronto’s Mackenzie House on Bond Street (Ontario, Canada) – –

Starting with a ghost story strongly based on a real experience.  It’s amazing to have a detailed story from inside a retirement residence. A nurse, alone during the nightshift.  Forced to investigate a loud noise from down the hallway. 

Then it’s back to the “most haunted” house in the city.  Toronto’s Mackenzie House’s stories are stuff of legend.  And a caretaker couple who fled the house after 4 years of vivid ghostly experiences in the 50’s.