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A Ghost Locks me out at Custom House & Last Criminals to Hang in Canada

Main Subject: City of Toronto (Ontario, Canada) – –

A personal story from Hamilton’s very haunted Custom House. Daniel recounts an experience during an active stretch. The angry Dark Lady wanting him out before an event.

And dark history from Toronto. The city where the last two men hanged in the 1960’s! The gruesome end exposed by a prison official.


Serious People seeing Ghosts and TV tries to Exploit a (Ghost) Nun

This week features a main ghost story, along with TV trying to ruin the rep of a historic Nun – –

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Daniel talks about serious people in the paranormal.  Like a 1960’s Judge in Toronto’s Old City Hall.  Embarrassed by his story, only giving it more validity.  Then a confession… he’s also a serious person; a believer-skeptic, and why this is important.  Then time to dish!  The time TV tried to make a kindly ghost nun super scary.