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Ouija Session gets interrupted… by a Ghost! | Podcast

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – Perfect Ouija session inside the Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Courthouse building during a special Ghost Hunt.  Happened at the beginning of February.  A father and son using the Ouija in the 1st Floor Market Room.  A strong energy coming through talking in code leads to a creepy experience for Daniel.

Hear more about the Ouija… why Daniel loves it and the reason for all the fear!

Feature Locations: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada


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Two Creepy Ouija Board Stories

Feature Locations: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada & Youngstown, NY, USA- –

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – Finally, a Ouija episode.  Featuring 2 never-before-told stories from Fort Niagara and his own home! 

Canada Podcast

My Origin EVP & BC’s Most Haunted Hotel

Feature Locations: Toronto & Victoria (Ontario & BC, Canada) – –

Daniel can’t believe he hasn’t talked about this yet.  The first ghostly experience which propelled him into the world of the paranormal.  All happening in… Toronto?  Yes, not his home city, but the dreaded, Toronto.  And a Ouija Session EVP which kept him up at night.  But it’s okay… today he’d thank the ghost that led him into the world of ghost story-telling.

Then, proving there are haunted places in the province of British Columbia.  It’s most haunted hotel in the city of Victoria, The Fairmount Empress Hotel.  The dark ghost stories, including the hotel’s architect.  A crazy story of his exploits, which led to his violent murder.

Canada Podcast

My Own Mary the Ghost and Haunting in Toronto’s Queen’s Park

Main Subject: Hamilton & Toronto (Ontario, Canada) – –

Daniel is shocked to have his own experience added upon.  New facts which round off a ghost he never really knew, who was haunting the house he used to live in.  The random female voice has a name… Mary.  Along with her jealous husband!

Then, let’s talk Canadian government.  The one in Toronto, representing the Province of Ontario.  Queen’s Park.  With a story experienced during a secret Halloween Ghost Walk in the building.  A fact which almost started a political rant (but Daniel’s a beacon of restraint!)  All around a great man in our country’s history, a former Sergeant-at-Arms, and hero in WW1.

Canada Podcast

Top 2 Hamilton Haunts and My Origins in Ouija

Main Subject: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – –

We’ve made it everyone! The Top 2 Most Haunted Locations in the spooky city of Hamilton. Including a rare, active battlefield and the beautiful, haunted structure on at the harbour.

Next, featuring the dreaded divination tool, the Ouija Board. Most avoid it, but not Daniel. He respects the board as a tool. But where does that regard come from? The story of his first time with the board. A strong spirit cutting in. A simple sentence changed his beliefs forever.

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How to Use the Ouija Board | Easy Team Method Instructions

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Below is a very unique take on the Ouija Board. Free of superstition. Stating strictly, the “Dreaded Divination Tool” is the best way to talk with the dead.

Is all the fear and dark reputation deserved? I answer this, and give the most effective team method for getting results

Note, the article is enough to setup a great session with the dead.