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Interview with Investigator Ian Russell | Podcast

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – To be ‘not-so-rare’ interview episode with a seasoned Paranormal Investigator named Ian Russell.  Daniel talks ghost-shop about one of the most haunted buildings around, Hamilton’s Custom House.  Two active spirits – David the Kid & Walter the Caretaker – taking on Ian and his partner Trudy. 

A face-to-face with Walter, the only time Ian backed off investigating.  Plus, more stories and experiences!

Feature Locations: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Canada Podcast

The Stress of Thinking You’re in Control | Podcast

Feature Locations: The Mind – –

HOSTED BY GHOST GUIDE DANIEL – This week, I’m going to share with you a rare spiritual episode that will blow your mind. I’m going to talk about how we often stress ourselves out by trying to control everything, and how we can find peace by seeing life as a show or a journey.

Also will reveal how this helps us in ghost investigation.  Trust me, don’t miss this episode. It’s life changing.

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Why I Hate Ghost Fakery | How the Skeptics Win

Ghost Guide Daniel – – Fake ghosts get to me. And it hit me while listening to the Joe Rogen Podcast.  For the first time I can remember, he had on paranormal investigators. Never heard of these fellows before listening to that show.  Their names are Sam and Colby.  Well known and followed on YouTube by millions.  They go to the most haunted places to search for ghosts.

So, why was my BS sense going off the entire time.