Hamilton’s Pigott Building Ghost & Moving things (used) to be Secret

Main Subject: Hamilton’s Pigott Building (James Street South) – –

Back to Cambridge Post Office for a quick IG ghost story from bellamom.  Friends with a former employee of the Fiddler’s Green, a restaurant once in the building, with a bar… on the 3rd floor… Emily’s floor. 

Then, Daniel talks about the final location of the Hamilton Ghost Walks.  The city’s first skyscraper, the Pigott, and a most impressive story of it’s resident ghost.  Really!  If any ghost were to have such an origin.  It’s almost perfect.  The reason why he haunts the place, and a spooky ghost story about him.

All leading to a talk about the newest, modern form of paranormal evidence.  Around the simple security camera, and why this has changed the field forever.  With a small related ghost story.