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The Real Poltergeist | Ghost Story behind the 80’s Movie

In 1958, a man named James Hermann got a call from his wife. That simple phone call started a series of events around the family’s uninvited guest. Also known as, a poltergeist.

This experience in Long Island, New York, inspired the famous 1980’s movie. Propelling the term to infamous heights.

Canada Podcast

Real Story of Poltergeist and the Lady of Hamilton’s Scottish Rite

Main Subject: Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (Hamilton, ON, Canada) – –

The user question leads Daniel to the true ghost story behind the 80’s classic horror movie, Poltergeist. Under its other name, restlessness, he talks a bit about the believability of the movie.

Even though the movie does take deep liberties with the real story, there are similarities. Especially when catching the attention of a Doctor of Parapsychology.

Vintage Ghost Walks from the tours inside Hamilton, Ontario’s Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. On the grand staircase, the lesser known portrait of a woman in the white dress, and her reaching out to an investigator.