Possession in St. Catharines & My family’s horror connection to Haldimand

Main Subject: Possession at the Merritt House (St. Catharines) – –

You’ve heard the name, now hear the legend.  “The Flying Dutchman”, a ghost ship most recently featured in the movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Then to the story of a possession, right in front of his eyes.  After one of Daniel’s first investigations.  The beautiful skepticism of seeing a psychic fight with a real possession attempt by the powerful spirit of the house.  Referenced photo found here – –

And Daniel took a drive.  His familial connection to the Haldimand region, and the connection to the small town of Cayuga (location of Ruthven and the Ghost Walks). 

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Attempted Possession at St. Catharines Merritt House

Happened throughout the night at the Merritt House. A male energy from within the house harassed Kate.  She and Michele asked for a name, and the thing only mocked them. We didn’t know it’d end in possession.

Said to call it, “Booger”.