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Psychic Hermitage and Dead Neighbour Saw my Twin

Main Subject: Ancaster (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) – –

A sensitive sent in a detailed email of impressions from Ancaster’s Hermitage Ruins.  Daniel goes over each one, attempting to connect it to history and ghost stories.  Finally, a description of the infamous William Black.  Also, knowing the tour groups aren’t hated.

Then, Daniel opens up about a personal experience with a psychic from Toronto, named Jim Hunt.  The time this man blew his belief right open with a simple question, “Do you know Lily?” 

Her connection to his past.  And the possible spirit of the twin he always wanted.


Strange News Video – “Demonic Possession is Real says Doctor

Most recent Strange News Video Segment —

Article detailing the thoughts of a Doctor of Psychiatry. A scientific man giving his opinion of “demonic possession” from personal experience.


Strange News Video – Scientist, “Didn’t know not to believe!”

Most recent Strange News Video Segment — National Post article by Joanna Cheek about a scientific man named Christian Smith. Growing up with a famous psychic mom Geraldine Smith.

Daniel’s first time reading this article. Touches a personal issue with the scolding of paranormal experience. Nice article of a deep scientific thinker coming clean on his belief.