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Blurry Ghost Photos & Hamilton History Love

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Why are the best ghost photos so blurry? A large majority. Is it the cameras, or proof they’re not real? Or, maybe the ghost wants to be mysterious. Daniel discusses his new editorial, buffing up on modern investigative techniques.

Then, diving into some local history from the “Haunted City” of Hamilton. Daniel’s home, filled with amazing historic buildings. Some highlights… and, a couple of ghost stories.

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Feed of your Crowd and Next 3 Haunted Places in Hamilton

Main Subject: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – –

Another ‘facing the fear’ of public speaking segment. The thrill of an energetic crowd. And the tension of a low energy crowd. What it feels like. And how to handle it gracefully.

Then, continuing the Top 10 list of most haunted places in the City of Hamilton. 2 of the spots so haunted, we feature them on Ghost Walks. Including the legendary Dundurn Castle. And the oldest operational engine in all of Canada, and the very dark event which birthed it.

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Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Hamilton

Ghost Guide Daniel – – The city of Hamilton is uniquely haunted.  When looking at recorded history, you’ll wonder… How can it be so haunted with such limited past?

Peel that away and realize there’s a hidden history of loyalist settlements.  Still found in the names of smaller towns making up the city.  And in the lost name of Barton, once a township at the centre of Hamilton.