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The only Ghost Walks of Toronto Tour for a reason. Legendary stories told with our popular style.

Starting on the stairs of Canada’s most impressive historic building, Old City Hall.  For an easy route around Yonge-Dundas Square, the city’s most haunted area.

Featuring serious judges embarrassed by ghosts.  A couple scared away by the city’s rebel mayor ghost, and a morgue attendant who never left St. Michael’s Hospital.  With stops at the Mackenzie House, Massey Hall and under the marquee of the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre.



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Stairs of Old City Hall

60 Queen Street West MAP
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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FAQ & Interesting Info

Why we are different from other Ghost Tours?

A focus on masterful storytelling at a reasonable price (with no hidden fees!).  First, we’ve put special attention into respecting the ghost story.  Also, with a dedication to traditional styles mixed with natural (and interesting) odd history.  This is our specialty since 2003.

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Do we go into any of the buildings?

This tour is outdoors unless otherwise stated. The locations featured are closed at night or unable to accommodate tour groups. The Mackenzie House is open as a museum during the day.  Massey HallThe Ed Mirvish and Elgin & Winter Garden Theatres are open for events.

For indoor Ghost Walks near Toronto, see Castle Kilbride or Hamilton’s Ruthven

Why are dates and times missing when booking?

When a date or time slot is missing in the Booking… If a missing time, that tour time is sold out.  A missing date, means the entire night is sold out.

Can I just show up before the tour?

We wouldn’t recommend it.  If space is available walk-ins are possible.  However many tours sell out in advance.  Please Note: Cash payments are not accepted due to Toronto by-laws.  Advance booking can be done through the booking above

Should I book in advance?

Yes.  We are limited on space for tours.  Advance bookings allows us to guarantee spots for you, and book in additional guides if needed.


Haunted Things to Do in Toronto

The top 10 things to do in the city when not doing our Toronto Tour.  Each item pairs wonderfully with the Ghost Walks (or instead of).

Haunted Things to Do #1 :: The Mackenzie House Tour


The rebel of Toronto became its first mayor.  William Lyon Mackenzie organized the Rebellion of 1837, trying to overthrow the Upper Canada government.  Failed and fled. He eventually returned, to politics and eventually his home on Bond Street.  Dying there but might have never left.

Today this house is considered the most haunted in all of Toronto.  Support them with a daytime visit and see the building in all its glory.

Haunted Things to Do #2 :: Visit Casa Loma


No Toronto Tour would be complete without the city’s magical castle on a hill.  Not so magical for the first owner.  Sir Henry Pellatt was thought crazy.  Still, he wanted a medieval castle as a home and he would have it… for a very short time.

The venture bankrupted the once great man and ruined his dream.  He died broke in 1923 while living in a small house in Mimico.

Casa Loma is the city’s most stunning historic house to tour.

Haunted Things to Do #3 :: Massey Hall


A great reason to miss out on our Ghost Walks.  To experience Canada’s first Concert Hall!

The country’s oldest concert hall was opened in 1894.  Built by wealthy industrialist Hart Massey of the locally famous family.  Named in honour of his son Charles A Massey who died of Typhoid Fever.  This story and ghost featured on the Ghost Walks.

Haunted Things to Do #4 :: Drive-by the country’s most haunted prison

Why oh why was this not made a museum.  The Don Jail would be one of Canada’s most historic prisons, the darkest, and definitely the most haunted.

Location of the Boyd gangs dramatic escape, many hangings, inhumane treatment of prisoners and just an overall feeling of dread.  It’s now part of a hospital!

Haunted Things to Do #5 :: Visit a History Graveyard (Guild Park & Gardens)


A graveyard of historic buildings.  Pieces kept like massive gravestones to the city’s lost structures.  This is one of the most impressive and unknown attractions in the city… and it’s free!

Want a haunted building?  They’ve got that too.  The Guild Inn is a success story of saved history and an old haunted hotel. 

Haunted Things to Do #6 :: Have a drink in a haunted mansion (Keg Mansion)


Jarvis Street is the city’s old high society.  Not only do you see the Keg Mansion, but many others which once housed the families who made Toronto.

The Keg was once home to the McMaster family (yes, same one that founded Hamilton’s University).  Then the locally famous Massey family (see Massey Hall above).  And features one of the best ghost stories around, that of Lillian Massey’s loving maid.

Haunted Things to Do #7 :: A Nice Walk on Toronto Island to Ghosts


Worth the trip… if just for the cheap ferry ride with a stunning view of the city and a calm walk on the secluded island.  Then add in an over 200 year old lighthouse!

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse has guided ships around Toronto Island since 1808.  Legend says the original and lonely lighthouse keeper J.P. Rademuller was murdered by some stationed soldiers over the alcohol content of his homemade beer.

The soldiers killed Rademuller, dismembered the body and buried him in many different graves around the lighthouse.  Needless to say, he haunts it.

Haunted Things to Do #8 :: Toronto Tour of Hockey Hall of Fame


The beautiful building at Yonge and Front Streets.  Now the Hall of Fame but originally a simple Bank of Montreal.

Opened in 1847, a long history featuring a tragic story of its resident ghost.  Dorothy was a bank teller said to be having an affair with another, married teller.  After being rejected the depressed girl walked into an upstairs washroom.  She took out a gun and ended it with one shot to the head.

Employees feared Dorothy in the days of the bank (closed in 1983) and even today in the Hall of Fame.  A fun visit for the history, the ghost and of course the Stanley Cup!

Haunted Things to Do #9 :: Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)


Canada’s largest antiquities museum on par with New York’s Museum of Natural History.  Filled with artifacts from every human era.  Makes you think there’d be lots of ghosts.  There’s one, but not from the artifacts.

It’s the ROM’s most dedicated founder, C.T. Currelly.  A real life Indiana Jones.  This treasure hunter started the museum as a way to show off his findings.  He loved the place even if the public didn’t (at the time).  Used to sleep over in a cot to be close to his artifacts.  Then dying at the age of 82 in 1957.

Today is seen by workers.  The old man in a nightgown, hunched over and limping through the building at night.

Haunted Things to Do #10 :: Hart House Theatre


Named after, you guessed it, Hart Massey of the famous Massey’s (see Massey Hall and Keg Mansion above).

Another great reason to miss out on our Ghost Walks.  This was the first “little theatre” in Canada.  So many soon to be famous actors graced this stage, including Hart’s grandson and Oscar winning Raymond Massey.  Also Donald and Keifer Sutherland and many more!

Home to the ghost of a dedicated caretaker named Bert.  He died in the 1950’s while coming to work.  It’s believed his spirit just kept walking.  Might not know he’s dead.

UofT is another haunted area worthy of a Toronto Tour.

That’s it!  All great compliments to the Ghost Walks of Toronto or whatever you do!