Downtown Hamilton

Proudly created by Hamilton-ians over 15 years ago to show off a truly haunted city

Tour the streets of the core featuring the Royal Connaught, Right House, Hamilton Place
Theatre, Pigott Building and more!

The secret ghosts of Whitehern, gremlins in the bell tower and the city’s odd
connection to an infamous killer named Jack inside the iconic alley.

Dedicated to a Canadian city like no other.


Gore Park

This fountain is a symbol of Hamilton, with a dark history

St. Paul's Church

They knew the tallest stone steeple was filled with gremlins


The city’s secret haunted mansion

Royal Connaught Courtyard

Corner of King St East & John St
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FAQ & About Downtown Hamilton

The Downtown Hamilton tour is normally completely outdoors, unless otherwise stated. The locations featured are abandoned, closed at night, too small to accommodate the group, or is a creepy alleyway! For indoor tours, see Ruthven and The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Yes! If you have a group of 8 or more people, we may be able to provide a discount (depending on night and time of year). To find out, Contact Us, mention the number of people and desired date for Downtown Hamilton.

Article written by Daniel Cumerlato

Hamilton is the “ambitious city”.  Big names doing big things like actors Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Kathleen Robertson, hockey coach Pat Quinn and even a top politician named Sheila Copps all called Hamilton home.  And no area embodies this history like downtown Hamilton.

Ambitious energy can be dark, like murderess Evelyn Dick and Canada’s own Al Capone, bootlegger Rocco Perri.  Rocco called Hamilton his home off of Bay Street, as told on Hamilton’s Dark History.  Even one of the top suspects in the Jack the Ripper murder case did business and crime in the core near current day Royal Connaught.

There are colourful women spirits in Downtown Hamilton

The Lady in White at the Royal Connaught, Lady in Brown at the old Capitol Theatre and the fittingly dramatic Lady in Red at Hamilton Place Theatre.  All these stories featured on these Ghost Walks.

There’s a darker past for Downtown Hamilton’s famous family, the McQuesten’s.  Three generations before the rise of Ontario’s first roads minister, Thomas Baker McQuesten.


holds much energy. Stories kept from the public until the Ghost Walks came along. The tragic life of Isaac McQuesten and his apparition still scaring workers and guests.

The Right House

was Hamilton’s first department store. The first owner, Thomas Watkins, loved those elevators. On his day off he dressed like a conductor and worked them all day. He still loves them over 100 years after his death.

St. Paul’s Church

has the tallest free-standing stone steeple in Ontario. Designed by William Thomas, who also created St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto, the Niagara-on-the-Lake Courthouse, Brock’s Monument and Toronto’s Don Jail.  The church received its first bell upgrade in the 1940’s, but right from the start they never worked.

Beside the church is one of only 2 cemeteries left in downtown.  The other one is up James Street behind Christ’s Church.  Not that Hamilton wasn’t historic.  It’s because of a by-law passed, to facilitate one of Canada’s oldest cemeteries now across from Dundurn Castle.

Hamilton remains the “ambitious city” to this day, with many new projects to save downtown historic buildings… filled with more ghosts

About a decade ago, a security guard was working inside the Right House building in Downtown Hamilton.  And for a week straight this man thought he was going crazy.

At the end of each night, a simple task… go into the basement and put a key in a lock.  Turn the key and all 3 elevators cars come into the basement level.  The power is physically cut from those cars.

It didn’t make any sense when coming in one morning to find one elevator car sitting on the 5th floor.  There was no power going to the cars!

And it didn’t happen just once.  For five days straight, and at the end of the week this poor man was ready to check into Hamilton’s “Mansion on the hill” (aka psychiatric care).

But thankfully his friend, who happened to be a local amateur historian, told him “You’re not crazy!  It’s obviously the building’s founder Thomas Watkins.”

His ghost has returned to play with the elevators for 3 reason…

#1… His office was once on the 5th floor
#2… He loved playing practical jokes on people in life
#3… He loved those elevators so much!

We know this is true because…

Hear the rest of this ghost story on the Ghost Walks of Downtown Hamilton

There are only two small graveyards left in Downtown Hamilton.  Not because the city didn’t have them.

Hamilton’s core is very historic once containing many backyard pioneer cemeteries.

This would change with the creation of one of Canada’s oldest cemeteries.  The Hamilton Cemetery was created on the lands of Burlington Height, across the street from Dundurn Castle.

However, it wasn’t an official cemetery until… oh, how do we say it?  Until residents were moved in.

Hamilton didn’t want to wait for people to naturally die.  Instead they would spend tax payer money to create one of the strangest by-laws in Canadian history.

“No longer could you bury your dead in the backyard.  All must be buried in the Hamilton plots.”  And strangest of all… “you can’t grandfather in the current graveyards!”

Tax payer money spent for men with carriages to go around and dig up people’s loved ones.  Their coffins moved into waiting plots of the city’s new cemetery.  This included the Hamilton family (for which the city is named) graveyard now location just inside the main gate on the left.

Visit one of the two remaining Hamilton core cemeteries on the Ghost Walks of Downtown Hamilton


I'm a paranormal enthusiast since founding Haunted Hamilton back in 1999. Started with Hamilton's Bellevue Mansion (2000) and been hooked ever since. Left HH in 2012 to focus on my passion, the Ghost Walks. I love telling the stories of witnesses, and from the past, with the goal of proving ghosts are real.

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