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Albion Falls in Hamilton was Canada’s Darkest Town

Today it’s part of King’s Forest Park. But a century ago the area around Albion Falls was one of the darkest towns in the region.

Called Albion Mills. It was wiped off the map by the progress of time. If existing today… this is the height of dark tourism for all of Canada.

Three factors made this true…

  1. Jane Riley – the ghost of a suicidal girl jilted by her love Joseph Rousseau
  2. A mob graveyard or dumping ground for those who had to disappear. Used for sure by Rocco Perri
  3. Where Murderess Evelyn Dick got infamous
Albion Mount - Field in Town
Mount Albion Field

The Disappearance of Albion Mills

Today remembered only by one of the Waterfalls of Hamilton called Albion Falls. Located behind the Big-Box stores along Stonechurch Road (Hamilton Mountain).

These were once open fields. That is until the lands at the top of the Red Hill Valley was chosen for a major highway (of the same name).

Developers rushed in. Modern surveys surrounded the cemetery and ruins of the old Blacksmith shop.

Albion Mount - Town Cemetery
Albion Mount – Town Cemetery

The Red Hill Expressway cut through the old mountain accesses. Therefore cutting off the flowing vein into the original town.

Albion Mount - Blacksmith Shop still exists as ruins
Albion Mills – Town Blacksmith Shop still exists among houses as ruins

This was a nail in the coffin of the town’s history. However, the area had been changed for generations.

Maybe a combination of poor location. Or maybe just the darker energy from an interesting past making us stay away.

A Poem for Jane Riley

Jane Riley was in love with Joseph Rousseau. So very in love.

“Alas, poor Jane Riley,
for Joseph she did die
By jumping off that dizzy brink,
full sixty cubits high”


This unknown poet summed up the tragic life of young Jane Riley.

“Why Hamilton is so Haunted” Episode

Featuring Albion Falls. From Ghost Guide Daniel Podcast…

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