Hamilton’s Dark History

Dark History Tour – – Strange, dark & true history of Hamilton!

Featuring infamous names like Canada’s Al Capone, Rocco Perri. And the Torso Murderess Evelyn Dick … All while standing on the sites of dark events.

Also, our city’s laughable reputation for public executions. The death people wanted.  Plus, we prove Hamilton was a true mafia town, on the site of a brutal assassination.



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The Alley Behind Radius

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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  • Summer 2022
    • Sunday Aug 21st
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Why we are different from other Tours?

A focus on masterful storytelling at a reasonable price (with no hidden fees!).  First, we’ve put special attention into respecting the ghost story.  Also, with a dedication to traditional styles mixed with natural (and interesting) odd history.  This is our specialty since 2003.

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Sean OGrady
Sean OGrady
16:18 19 Jul 21
Had a fantastic experience attending the 'Hamilton's Dark History Tour' this... past weekend. Daniel was a friendly, humorous and knowledgeable tour guide who really brought the stories he was telling to life.I'd highly recommend checking out his "Ghost Guide Daniel" podcast as well! We listened to a few episodes over the weekend, and loved them.read more
Paola Ferrante
Paola Ferrante
15:10 11 Jul 21
Daniel is a great storyteller who really knows his history! Super interesting... story about Jack the Ripper's potential Canadian start.read more
Emma McKeil
Emma McKeil
23:56 19 Jun 21
My friends and I went on the Dark History tour. Daniel was a great storyteller... and very pleasant, we are looking forward to going on other tours with the Ghost Walks!read more
James Steeves
James Steeves
02:31 02 Nov 20
I just did the Hermitage tour on Halloween night and it was worth every dollar!... Guide Daniel regaled the group with tales of executions and ghost sightings while showing the spooky grounds by lantern at night. Lots of history under a beautiful blue moon. A perfect way to spend Halloween night!read more
Nicole A
Nicole A
00:05 27 Oct 20
I did the Hamilton ghost tour with Daniel as our guide. I was not sure how they... would fill the entire time with stories but my expectations were exceeded! It was very interesting and I especially enjoyed learning about the history of the city. Daniel was a fun guide and a great story-teller. It made for a fun socially distanced outing. I would definitely do another tour!read more
Shanon Torrie
Shanon Torrie
02:29 24 Oct 20
Went to the Hamilton's Dark History tour last night. We had a wonderful the... stories were great and we kept wanting to hear more. Daniel is a great tour guide and story teller, you can tell he does his research, he's able to answer questions and keep you engaged. We are definitely going to do another walk. I think next time will be a Ghost Walkread more
Barbara Bonilla
Barbara Bonilla
17:05 22 Oct 20
It was such a beautiful night for a stroll. Our guide and storyteller was fun... and informative. We went at a great pace and had a great time. I would definitely recommend as a night out and would do again!read more
21:21 08 Aug 20
I recently attended Hamilton's Dark History Tour. Overall it was great and I... would wholeheartedly recommend it. The guide told interesting stories that kept everyone's attention. He made it a lot of fun and interactive, asking questions once in a while to keep us engaged. I like history so it was great for me personally to hear stories, some creepy and others were just accounts of historical events. I would definitely consider going to another Ghost Walks event.read more
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Do we go into any of the buildings?

This is an outdoor tour in Hamilton’s core. Most locations are abandoned, closed at night, unable accommodate our group… or is an alleyway! Book for our indoor tours at Ruthven and Castle Kilbride

Why are dates and times missing when booking?

When a date or time slot is missing in the Booking… If a missing time, that tour time is sold out.  A missing date, means the entire night is sold out.

Info | Why Hamilton is Darker than any Canadian City

Our archive consists of information showing off ghost stories in this very haunted city of Hamilton. 

But we’re obsessed.  Strange and dark history must be mix into these ghostly tales.

Opened up an interesting history, odd for any Canadian city. 

A New Tour Born

The Hamilton’s Dark History was born from these stories.  Vagabonds, outside the squeaky clean image of this young country, but oh so interesting.

Great example is outside the region of this tour.  A town once known as Mount Albion.  Has since been wiped off the map.  Why is it the darkest history in Canada?  Because…

Home to the Ghost of a Tragic Legend

“Alas, poor Jane Riley,

for Joseph she did die

By jumping off that dizzy brink,

full sixty cubits high” ~ Slater

Jilted by her lover.  The boy from a rich family caught with a prostitute in a near-by church.  Poor Jane Riley rushed to the precipice of Albion Falls.  

Town’s folk saw her wandering alone in the woods.  Hair disheveled, dirt smeared across her face, screaming at the sky and whispering to herself.


It disturbed them, but nobody helped poor Jane Riley.

Days later, men working beneath the Albion Falls saw at the top two shadows appear over the sun’s glare.  Shielding their eyes and looking up, two girls balanced at the edge.

One reached out, missing, as the other leaned forward.

The men ran, splashing through the water, trying to see where she would land.

Strange Note

They watched her fall feet first, leading to an action removing all doubt this was an accident. Her dress billowed out like a parachute which slowed her descent.  Her desire to die was evident as she brushed it down and sped to the rocks below.

They stayed with her. Jane Riley barely alive, as the men reassured she would be okay.  She silently died after one hour.

Was Hamilton’s Mob Graveyard (in a true Mob town, proven on the tour)

Organized crime needs a body dumping ground. Such as a remote location far from the central city. Forests, quiet, and pitch black at night.

Like the movie scenes. The old 1920’s Ford parked just off a wooded path shining headlights into the woods. As two men in suits dig a hole. That happened in Hamilton!

Body Dumping Ground

Al Capone had one. Was a burial ground outside of Chicago (Bremen Township) known as Bachelor’s Grove.  Because it was remote, secret, and best of all, bodies already in the ground.

For Rocco Perri, it was Albion Falls (Mills).  As shown by the story of Fred and Joseph on the tour.  He was Ontario’s King of the Bootleggers. 

Most likely for other families followed.  

Where a Murderess got Infamous

In the 1940’s, some kids are playing in the Albion woods less than a mile from the Falls.   A boy noticed it.

Looked like a dead animal on the fallen leaves, but something wasn’t right.  The kids got their parents, and they knew.  This wasn’t an animal… it was wearing a shirt.

Not an Animal

It was the human torso of John Dick.  Kicking off the legend of Evelyn Dick.  These stories now famous throughout Canada and even the United States.   Her story on the tour outside of the once courthouse where she was tried, found not guilty, then found guilty again.

Want more darkness?  Join the Facebook group called Hamilton’s Darker History

Should I book in advance?

Yes.  We are limited on space for tours.  Advance bookings allows us to guarantee spots for you, and book in additional guides if needed.