Starting in front of Toronto’s Old City Hall
Ghost stories of the city’s most haunted places

Including embarrassed court judges who believe, a secret haunt covered by progress, a couple chased out by ghosts and the morgue attendant dying to stay.

Stops at the Mackenzie House, St. Michael’s Hospital, Massey Hall, the
Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre & more!


Old City Hall

Impressive starting location at a beautiful historic wonder

Massey Hall

The first concert hall named after the city’s noble family

E & WG Theatre

The Elgin & Winter Garden is the world’s only double-decker.  A one-of-a-kind home for ghosts.

Stairs at Toronto’s Old City Hall

60 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada

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Tour is approximately 80 minutes

Yes! If you have a group of 8 or more people, we may be able to provide a discount (depending on night and time of year). To find out, Contact Us, mention the number of people and desired date.

This tour is outdoors unless otherwise stated. The locations featured are closed at night or unable to accommodate tour groups. The Mackenzie House is open as a museum during the day.  Massey Hall, The Ed Mirvish and Elgin & Winter Garden Theatres are open for events.

For indoor Ghost Walks near Toronto, see Hamilton’s Scottish Rite of Freemasonry or Armouries

Yes!  If space is available that night walk-ins are welcome.  Note: No cash payments due to Toronto by-laws.  Payment can be done through our walk-in page at

The rebel of Toronto became its first mayor. William Lyon Mackenzie organized the Rebellion of 1837, trying to overthrow the Upper Canada government. He failed and fled. He eventually returned, to politics and eventually his home on Bond Street. He died there but might have never left (ghost stories on Toronto Centre).

The Old City Hall

built in 1899 at an amazing $2.5 million. Its creation justified as an impressive City Hall and main Courthouse. Remains a courthouse to this day and its ghosts are featured on Toronto Centre.

Massey Hall

is Canada’s oldest concert hall. Opened in 1894. Was built by wealthy industrialist Hart Massey of the locally famous family. Named in honour of his son Charles A Massey who died of Typhoid Fever. The ghost stories of Massey Hall featured on Toronto Centre

Read about other famous Toronto haunts…

20 years of ghosts and a tradition has formed inside Old City Hall.  Toronto reporters want to spend Halloween night inside Courtroom 33.

Location of many of histories most interesting trials now had a unique energy.

A reporter and her sister sign up one Halloween.  They go in skeptical, not expecting much.  Then right from the start they’re plagued by noises from a dark and empty hallway.

They’d hear footsteps in the hallway.  Then running out to see no one.  And a door slams down the hall.

A couple hours later and the women are huddled in a corner unable to sleep.   Then at 3am, the witching hour, they saw “a cool fog” roll into the courtroom.  Standing to back away, they found it hard to move.  Like their feet were stuck to the floor.

That was enough and the women went home.

This is nothing compared to what happens to judges.  Stand at Old City Hall for the amazing stories with the Ghost Walks of Toronto

Joe was a former attendant what today’s Fracture Clinic.  But back in his time it was the morgue.

St Michael's Hospital, Toronto
St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

Joe loved his job, kept it for many decades and when turning 80 years old the hospital forced him to retire.  He didn’t want to leave but they were afraid Joe would fall dead while cleaning a hallway.  And then one day Joe grabs his chest and falls dead in a hallway.  But he got his wish… Joe didn’t leave.

A few years ago, a worker stays late to finish some charts in that Fracture Clinic.  Knowing he’s alone and there’s a noise from the end of hall.  Sounds like a man laughing in the distance.

The worker shakes it off, “I’m just tired” and keeps going.  Then a cold breeze comes into the room.

A beep from the hall, the worker peaks his head out to see a crash-cart computer came on.  Then more beeps as all the computers in the nursing station turn on.  And at the end of the hallway is the shadow of a man surrounded by fog.

That was enough, he runs, down the stairs and out to Queen Street.  The door closes before realizing he didn’t have the key-card.  He was locked out.

The worker knew his bosses would think him crazy if coming in to all the lights and computers on.  He had to go back in.

Gets the security guard and they walk back.  What he found was so surprising…

The rest of this story is featured on the Ghost Walks of Toronto


I'm a paranormal enthusiast since founding Haunted Hamilton back in 1999. Started with Hamilton's Bellevue Mansion (2000) and been hooked ever since. Left HH in 2012 to focus on my passion, the Ghost Walks. I love telling the stories of witnesses, and from the past, with the goal of proving ghosts are real.

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