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With 20 years in the Paranormal… Daniel has unique experience as an investigator and ghost tour guide allow for interesting tales. A dedication to the Real Ghost Story. With raw, unedited and spooky discussions change skeptics to believers.

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Recent Ghost Story Podcast Synopsis
(Real Possession is Nothing like the Movies)

Possession is a spooky and loaded idea.  Just the thought of it is terrifying.  Like what’s shown in the movie The Exorcist.  Spinning heads, vomiting pea soup, peeing in front of your mom’s friends.  Then the dramatic ending of ripping the spirit from an innocent’s body.  Or thinking it’s gone, but at the very end seeing the kid’s eyes glow red with spook music.

But what if Ghost Guide Daniel told you it wasn’t so bad.  Would you believe him?  That true possession is only the melding of outside energy mixing with your living energy.  Then you fight it off like a cold. 

Because your energy is the makeup of your physical form.  It has a hold on the material of your body.  That no outside force can remove that.

This week he dives into the idea of real possession from his own experiences.  Including a disturbing video shown by the famous Lorraine Warren (of The Conjuring fame).  And the personal experience witnessed inside his home city of Hamilton’s most haunted building… The Custom House.

Finish the podcast and have your mind changed… is what GG Daniel thinks will happen.  Or message him your own stories to disprove.  He’s open to changing his mind. 

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