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Top 10 Haunted Places to Visit in Niagara

Ghost Guide Daniel – – With all the wineries and museums to visit, you may not have time.  However, I wanted to make it easy to visit the most haunted places in the Niagara Falls Region. Cause they don’t get deserved attention! 

From the darker side of known buildings and museums.  To a rare, haunted cemetery which shouldn’t be missed.

In this article expect violence, death & who’s-who of Niagara ghosts! Reader discretion is advised…

Where’s Niagara-on-the-Lake?

Please note, Canada’s Most Haunted Town is not included on this list.  The haunts are numerous.  They’d take up the entire list. 

To get the full ghostly experience of Niagara-on-the-Lake, there are many tours by us and others…

Most Haunted Places in Niagara

For this list I’ll focus on the lesser-known haunted places of the Niagara Region. 

No more delay.  Here we go…

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10 Haunted Places in Hamilton

Not all of the locations can be seen on the inside.  Links and info are given with any Museums to schedule your own personal history tours.  Otherwise, it’s marked as “Outside Only”.

#10 > Old Stone Jug (Custom House)

Outside Only || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Old Stone Jug
Historic – Niagara’s Custom House Building

A glowing woman in white is seen shining out of the husk of this building.  In the dead of night, as residents walk by the once glorious example of Niagara Falls prosperity. 

A legendary experience for locals living near this resident ghost of the “Old Stone Jug”.  

Niagara Falls original Custom House was erected in the 1880’s.  Designed by the same fellow (Thomas Fuller) who did the Library of Parliament in Ottawa.  And old Cambridge Post Office (location of our Ghost Hunts in the Fall & Winter).

Served as the government for years.  Even through a furnace explosion in 1927.  They fixed it up, and continued on.  Until leaving in the 50’s.  Later it was converted to a police station, which stayed until 1978.

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Old Stone Jug
Monroe at the Falls

“How did I know it was something police related!”  You scream, without knowing why.  The reason… the Old Stone Jug was featured in a Marilyn Monroe movie called Niagara in 1953!  Seriously.  If you want to see how Niagara Falls looked back then, watch this movie. 

Wasn’t a police station in the movie.  But a closely related City Morgue.

Old Stone Jug in Marilyn Monroe movie Niagara (1953)

And today only seen as a husk of its former glory.  And a legendary resident ghost with no name, or story to tell.  But maybe the Woman in White only tries to be famous, just like the movie queen herself.


#09 > Toronto Power Station

Outside Only || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Toronto Power Generating Station

Just take one look at the pictures of this building’s basement.  The location of the massive turbines.  If there ever was a stage for a great horror movie!  Might be a reason this place is so feared and believed to be haunted. 

I’ve experienced that feeling personally.  There’s something about the façade when standing directly in front at nighttime.   An energy that surrounds the place.  Dreadful feelings manifested into architecture. 

Not sure EJ Lennox was going for it.  Yes… that’s the same architect who created Toronto’s Old City Hall and Casa Loma.  But dreadful happened. 

Sparse Ghost Stories

Today, the ghost stories are sparse.  Main reason … the building is inaccessible.  Emptied and moved to a modern facility (Sir Adam Beck Station) in 1974.  Been abandoned to today (2022). 

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Toronto Power Generating Station

Didn’t stop Urban Explorers.  These are brave folks tasked with documenting history at its most raw.  Going into abandoned buildings to for pictures.  Following a strict set of rules, most importantly is, ‘leave everything as you found it’.

And even though I’m not a fan of trespassing, I believe in their goals.  It’s the reason we have so many great photos of demolished historic buildings.  Hoping this place is never demolished.

So, from the Explorers we’ve gained ghostly insight.  Reports of hearing the mechanical turbines firing up in the basement.  This is odd when considering, ironically, no power runs to the former power station.

It’s also common to hear items being dragged around.  An explorer heard this outside the old offices.  Only realizing afterwards, it sounded like a desk being pushed across the wooden floor.

And another explorer moving through alone.  Heard echoing voices from an adjacent room.  His first thought, “… more explorers like me”.  Excited to share his findings, he ran into the room.  And found it empty.  Then only hearing silence.

Currently, the building is owned by Niagara Parks.  In the works is a plan to create event space.


#08 > Glenview Mansion

Outside Only || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Glenview Mansion

A prominent house to Niagara Falls’ history!  The last thing you’d expect… for it to be once called the “Pink Palace”.  But it was.

Before the house was converted into small apartments and painted a horrific, sickly pink.  This was the home of two historical giants to Niagara Falls. 

  • John Ferguson (former Member of Parliament and creator of the Whirlpool Rapids tourist attraction)
  • RP Slater (businessman and once mayor).

Belief that the house is haunted is up for debate.  We don’t have solid ghost stories to report from inside.  The experience is in the original driveway.

Through a legend happening back in the early 1900’s.  A party in the house for noteworthy families of Niagara.  No details on the year, but most likely when RP Slater owned the house. 

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Glenview Mansion

A couple was leaving.  Standing in the driveway waiting for their horse-drawn carriage. 

Not knowing a man with evil intent watched.  Crouched behind the bushes.  Then, he leapt out!  Stabbed the husband many times before turning on the wife.  Stabbed her to death and ran off. 

People heard screaming and rushed into the driveway.  Found the couple, both lying dead.  Bleeding into the cobblestones.

I’m sure you’re feeling the cringe!  Me too.

Not the best legend I’ve ever heard (maybe top 1,000).  But it’s the only explanation for the experience. Multiple witnesses see a red stain appear on the driveway at random times.  Said to be the blood of this murdered couple. Also said to be on the yearly anniversary of their death.


#07 > Brock Monument

Park || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Brock Monument

Did you know this was a grave?  The body of the British General, and the savior of Canada, rests under the monument on Queenston Heights.  It’s where he died. 

Happened during the Battle of Queenston Heights on October 13th, 1812.  The American’s attempting to take the former Capital of Upper Canada (now the province of Ontario).  The gateway to Niagara was Queenston. 

Then General Brock heard about the landing enemy.  He rushed from current day Niagara-on-the-Lake to greet them.

Running up that hill with soldiers, Brock didn’t see an American rise from the bushes.  The enemy took aim and fired.  Directly hit him in the chest.  Brock died on that spot. 

It’s said the men stood in shock at the sight of their dead leader.  Tension broke when a canon ball killed one of them.

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Brock Monument

The battle was won by the British, but they lost so much.  However, in the end, they succeeded on Canadian soil.  Mostly due to the strategies of General Brock.

Hence why the monument!  And with such dark history on that hill, it’s no surprise soldiers are seen.

The most common happens when driving up the road.  Surrounded by trees on both sides.  And only at night, as your headlights catch movement to the side. 

A red-hued shadow dragged into the moving light.  Then it’s gone!  The witness left with a thought, “…were they real?”  Two soldiers walking side-by-side.  The red blur was the color of British uniforms.


#06 > Church Street Possession

Outside Only || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Church Street Possession
237 Church St (former Pete’s Pizza) & Possession site

Imagine being a serious, logical police officer in the city of St. Catharines.  When a fellow officer tells you a story, saying, “… the bed levitated off the ground!”  Would you believe it?

This was the dilemma of officers called to 237 Church Street in St. Catharines in 1970.  Simply answering a disturbance call in a different apartment of that same building.  Approached by the mother of a teenage boy, desperately asking for help.

This led to the night of Thursday February 12, 1970.  When 5 officers, 2 doctors, a lawyer, and the family, witnessed the crazy events.  Such as…

  • A chair lifting off the ground… with an officer sitting in it.
  • Pictures flying off the wall.
  • Items moving around, including a crucifix and picture of the Virgin Mary.

None of the men wanted to be thought crazy.  Did everything to prove it was a hoax.  This included a building inspection.

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Church Street Possession
The Report – non-redacted version

Eventually the report was done.  Left as unsolved, and much of the information redacted.  Crossed out for fear damaged reputations by taking seriously fantastical claims.

My own video on the Church Street Possession

Not the best end of the story.  So, I’ll leave you with a thought. 

Poltergeist activity!  Some is believed to be non-ghostly.  Instead, from the energy and emotion of teenagers.  Full psychic abilities not dulled by age.  Mixed in with the strong emotions of youth.

Why do I believe it?  Consider the most affected member of the family.  You guess it… the teenage boy named Peter. 


#05 > Drummond Hill Cemetery

Open Cemetery || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Battle of Lundy's Lane Drummond Hill Cemetery

Normally I’d deny the haunting of any graveyard.  Yes, it’s the most likely place for fear.  And featured in all the horror movies.  But, from a standpoint of energy, it fails.

Haunted houses are ghostly because of energy.  Generations of families living inside a material space surrounded by objects which can sop up the vibes.  Tragic and happy events are bursts of energy.  The most tragic an event, and the house can turn. 

Hence why the scariest houses are usually abandoned.  Bad energy.

Then picture an open field.  Filled with bodies of the departed put into the ground.  After their energy has been removed. 

Because of this, cemeteries are the calmest places around.  Perfect place for a meditative walk. 

But Drummond Hill is different.  The reason… it’s the site of one of the largest tragedies in Canadian history.  The Battle of Lundy’s Lane during the War of 1812.  About 2,000 men died here in the most violent of ways.

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Battle of Lundy's Lane Drummond Hill Cemetery
Battle of Lundy’s Lane

This event left an impression.  Felt by all when walking into Drummond Hill… even during the day! 

Many visitors report seeing shadows.  Believed to be left-over energy of soldiers on the land.  Including one dress in a Royal Scot uniform.  Another time, three soldiers in standard British Redcoats, seen limping up the hill. 

During a group visit.  Guests of a bus tour were exiting.  One woman felt a cold breeze against her neck.  She spun around and screamed.  Caught the attention of others around her. All staring in disbelief, as shadows hovered over random gravestones near the main gate.


#04 > Willowbank Mansion

Outside Only || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Willowbank Mansion
Historic Willowbank Mansion

This hidden mansion in the town of Queenston Heights (walking distance up the hill to Brock Monument) is connected to the prominent Hamilton family.

Built by Alexander Hamilton.  Son of one of the first merchant Loyalists in Niagara, Robert Hamilton.  Brother to George Hamilton, founder of the City of Hamilton.  And stepson to a woman named Catharine.  The namesake of the City of St. Catharines.

With this connection to Ontario history, it’s shocking the cemetery containing their remains (except George) is hidden and once forgotten near Willowbank Mansion.

Alexander Hamilton

Alexander was a sensitive man.  His death came from regret.  When being forced to execute a man! 

He served as Postmaster and Court Judge for Queenston.  And also, Sheriff.  Made him the only choice after a hired executioner failed to show up for the hanging of James Morrow (one of William Lyon Mackenzie’s men during the 1837 Rebellion).

After taking Morrow’s life, Alexander was never the same.  Depression led to his death.

Walkup to Willowbank Mansion in Queenston

However, the house is haunted by Alexander’s wife, Hannah Hamilton.  Why her?  Because she was obsessed with Willowbank. 

A woman who always wanted to be considered above her station.  She pushed her husband to seem richer than they were.  Included building the lavish mansion.  So proud was she, rubbing in the faces of all her friends. 

Makes sense she’d never leave it.  Seen today all around the house. including in the parlour. 

Currently, Willowbank is a School of Victorian Restoration.  Students use it for training on how to fix up old homes.  Classes run throughout the day. 

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Willowbank Mansion
Inside Willowbank Mansion

And a couple occurrences, they were interrupted by the sound of a piano.  A couple of students at different times heard it playing inside the parlour.  In a school not known for pranks.  Believed to be Hannah making herself known.


#03 > Laura Secord House

Museum || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Laura Secord House
Laura’s House

Let’s just get it out of the way.  Laura Secord (the real woman) has nothing to do with chocolate.  The name was co-opted by the company, with permission of course.

Like Billy Green in Stoney Creek, she’s a hero of the British during the War of 1812.  And her humble house rounds off a very haunted town of Queenston.

After the Battle of Queenston Heights, where Sir Isaac Brock lost his life.  She came across information of another attack at Beaver Dams. 

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Laura Secord House
Laura Secord warns the British

With her husband lying injured in the house, Laura snuck away.  She walked over 32 kilometres to warn them.  This swung victory to the Brits. 

And even though we remember her today (thanks to chocolate).  Back then, it was forgotten.  She received no recognition at all.  Until turning 85 years old, when the Prince of Wales heard her story during a visit.  For her amazing act of heroism… he gave Laura $100.

Laura Secord Grave in Drummond Hill Cemetery

Laura Secord died in 1868 at the age of 93 and is buried beside her husband James in Drummond Hill Cemetery (#5 on the list). 

The Ghosts

Ghostly energy around her home is a combination of family.  But also, turmoil from the war. 

From the family … we get tour guides hearing voices from different parts of the house.  And the figure of a woman, believed to be Laura, standing beside the bed where her husband James healed after battle. 

From the war … we get a guest experience.  From upstairs, while looking in the bedrooms, they heard a crash from the kitchen below.  He ran to the stairs but hesitated.  Listened for noises.  Saying it sounded like plates smashing and items being knocked about.  Carefully, the guest climbed the stairs and peaked down to see nothing. The kitchen empty, nothing damaged or on the floor.


#02 > Screaming Tunnel

Outside Only || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Screaming Tunnel

This is #2 with a weak slap!  Sadly, I don’t believe the Screaming Tunnel is a haunted place.  I’m sure there’s some energy, but not at the level of being renowned.

The only reason it’s high on the list… a infamous legend.  Among the legendary places of Niagara, this one tops every list.  So infamous, it was mentioned to Canadian Director David Cronenberg when filming 1983’s The Dead Zone.  Featured in the movie as a murder location.

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Screaming Tunnel
Screaming Tunnel scene from movie Dead Zone (1983)

An old train tunnel never hosting any trains.  Believed to be built for a new line.  The plans changed.  Tunnel was abandoned as the train track was placed on top of the hill (directly above the Screaming Tunnel to this day).

It was never used.  If that’s the case, then what makes it legendary?  Well, it’s the legend! 

The Legend

Story starts with a drunkard of a husband and father.  Living in a house once on the opposite side of the tunnel, away from the main road.  His wife fed up, threatens to leave, and take his daughter. 

In a drunken rage, the man assaults his wife and knocks her out.  The daughter ran outside in fear, hiding in the tunnel. 

The father knew this.  Quietly followed her in.  Pouring gasoline on the little girl and lighting a match.

Because of her violent end… the legend states, if you go into the Screaming Tunnel at night and light a wooden match.  You’ll heard the little girl’s screams as wind blows out the fire.

It’s a horrible legend.  Breeding many nighttime visits from local youth looking to prove it real.  But this hasn’t been successful.

Trying to Prove the Legend

Even I tried it, as the host of a haunted bus trip.  We were there at noon.  I walked a small group to the middle of the tunnel.  Lit and lifted a wooden match into the air.

Then it happened!  A squealing noise in the distance got louder.  I looked around at the group, all their faces were the same shock I felt.  The noise hit a high as a small wind came through.  Not strong enough to blow out the match, but we felt it.

Then I realized it… a train was speeding by on the tracks above!  We laughed, but on the inside I was sad.  Living for ghostly experiences can be a disappointing existence.

Not just for me, as shown by the over 200 reviews on Google.  Yes, the supposed haunted old train tunnel has reviews. 

A couple of 1-stars said…

  • “Tried many times to hear a scream.  Disappointed!” and…
  • “Just a tunnel.  Nothing happened.”


#01 > Merritt House

Radio Station || MAP

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Merritt House
Merritt House (aka White House of Rock)

It’s the most haunted house you’ve never heard of.  Currently a radio station building.  The most known is 97.7HTZ FM, still broadcasting out of the house today.

The history is perfect of a haunted house…

  • Built by a prominent figure!  William Hamilton Merritt.  The man who built the Welland Canal.
  • Used as a military hospital for returned, sick and dying, soldiers of World War I.
  • Featuring a secret basement tunnel leading out to the Welland Canal…

Was converted to a radio station in 1938.  The rare mix of historic with broadcasting strong frequencies is not lost on the ghosts.  As proven by the following morning show clip…

On-Air Ghost! From 97.7htz FM Morning Show

The Only and Last Investigation

I was lucky to be part of a small group who entered the building.  Sole reason… search for ghosts.

We had heard stories.  Experiences by workers and DJs.  Many refusing to go into the basement, a hotspot for activity.

The reason this was the last investigation.  Because of what happened the night before we arrived. 

I remember walking through the door.  Angry looks on tense faces of workers.  As they led us into the basement.  Opening a door to their massive CD library.  So many CDs and cases lying broken on the floor.

“… this happened last night”, she said.  Dozens of CDs flew off the shelves and smashed the opposite wall. 

I apologized before realizing it wasn’t my fault.  Even more… a ghost did it!

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Merritt House
William Hamilton Merritt

We did the investigation and got some interesting EVPs (ghost voices) on a microcassette recorder. 

Also caught the house’s most active and known ghost.  A male energy telling our two psychics to call him, ‘Booger’.  Assumed it was a joke.

Later, ‘Booger’ had to be cleared from all our houses.  I hope he returned to the Merritt House.  Seems like the best place for a dangerously strong entity.

But ‘Booger’ aside, the Merritt House is a unique haunt in a young and refined country like Canada.  Seemingly at the centre of many tragic times.  Giving it a history like no other.

Niagara Falls Region - Top 10 Most Haunted Places to Visit - Merritt House
Historic Radio Station

For now, the radio station is hesitant to let outsiders in.  Hope that changes.  But also, I understand. 

How would you feel?  Knowing if you invite the wrong guest, a ghost will go berserk on your expensive Royal Doulton Dinnerware.  No thank you.


What do you think of the list?  Did I miss any hau-some places?  Feel free to shoot me a message.

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